AP and dpa sign agreement for content distribution

Nov. 14, 2012
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AP and German news agency to distribute each other’s photos, text

NEW YORK – The Associated Press and the German news provider dpa today signed an agreement that will allow them to distribute each other’s text and photos in various territories around the world.

Under the arrangement, dpa will distribute AP photos and text content in Germany and Austria, and text in Switzerland. dpa is Germany’s largest news agency.

The agreement allows AP to extend its existing coverage of Germany and Austria with dpa’s extensive text and photo news and to represent dpa photos for sale in markets outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The agreement is expected to become effective Jan. 1, 2013.

“This new agreement with dpa assures that AP’s content will continue to reach the many customers and news consumers who value it, and that we also receive timely and important content from dpa to distribute,” said Gary Pruitt, president and CEO of AP.

“It has always been important to us to provide as many news sources for the media as possible. This is why we are very much looking forward to the cooperation with our American partners. It ensures that international AP content will be available in Germany and other European countries on a long- term basis”, said Michael Segbers, president and CEO of dpa. “At the same time I am happy that this cooperation will enhance the ties between Europe and the U.S.”

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About dpa

The German Press Agency dpa is a trusted, accurate and independent provider of news with digital and multimedia content to power the media at home and abroad. dpa's customers benefit from the extensive global network of correspondents and editors maintained by Germany's leading newswire. Print media, radio stations, online and mobile communication providers in more than 100 countries rely on this journalistic excellence round the clock. dpa’s clients include parliaments, governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as businesses and public relations agencies. They all derive news content from the wide range of products and services provided by the dpa group of companies. On the web: www.dpa.com.


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