AP Stylebook

The AP Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law is the essential style manual for all writers, editors, students and public relations specialists. It’s a comprehensive guide to usage and accepted style, with special sections on fashion, food, broadcast, business, sports and social media guidelines.

The AP Stylebook is updated every year, with new listings as well as notable revisions. There are separate chapters for photo caption style, social media, punctuation and a briefing on media law.

AP Stylebook is available in three formats: the spiral-bound notebook, the Web-based Stylebook Online (now also available in Spanish) and Stylebook Mobile for iPhone. Also available is StyleGuard, an automated stylechecking plug-in for Microsoft Word. Visit www.apstylebook.com to learn more; you can take a virtual tour of AP Stylebook Online or look inside the AP Stylebook Mobile app.

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