$.60 for cake: al-Qaida records every expense

2013 -- The convoy of cars bearing the black al-Qaida flag came at high speed, and the manager of the modest grocery store thought he was about to get robbed

AP reporter's quest to find bodies ends in desert

2013 -- Close to three dozen people in northern Mali disappeared earlier this year, killed or taken away by the country's military, according to human rights groups

Terrorists used new tactic to spare some Muslims

2013 -- The turbaned gunmen who infiltrated Nairobi's Westgate mall arrived with a set of religious trivia questions: As terrified civilians hid in toilet stalls, behind mannequins, in ventilation shafts and underneath food court tables, the assailants began

Yemen terror boss left blueprint for waging jihad

2013 -- A year before he was caught on an intercept discussing the terror plot that prompted this week's sweeping closure of U.S. embassies abroad, al-Qaida's top operative in Yemen laid out his blueprint for how to wage jihad in letters sent to a fellow ter

Mali manual suggests al-Qaida has feared weapon

2013 -- The photocopies of the manual lay in heaps on the floor, in stacks that scaled one wall, like Xeroxed, stapled handouts for a class

AP Exclusive: Rise of al-Qaida Sahara terrorist

2013 -- After years of trying to discipline him, the leaders of al-Qaida's North African branch sent one final letter to their most difficult employee. In page after scathing page, they described how he didn't answer his phone when they called, failed to tur

Al-Qaida tipsheet on avoiding drones found in Mali

2013 -- One of the last things the bearded fighters did before leaving this city was to drive to the market where traders lay their carpets out in the sand

In Timbuktu, al Qaida left behind a manifesto

2013 -- In their hurry to flee last month, al-Qaida fighters left behind a crucial document: Tucked under a pile of papers and trash is a confidential letter, spelling out the terror network's strategy for conquering northern Mali and reflecting internal dis

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