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When The Associated Press was founded, in 1846, its purpose was to consolidate the reporting efforts of five New York newspapers so that each would have access to news collected by the others—an important innovation in a time where filing a story from another country took days, and when the publications had limited resources for sending journalists to far-flung locations.

Since that time, AP has continued to lead the way in ensuring that the public has access to objective, accurate news and information. AP has introduced innovations in distribution, technology and business models that have brought significant gains to the industry as a whole.

Along with these ongoing efforts, AP today is focused on two critical issues for journalism: the drive for greater media access and freedom of information, and the collaborative push for enhanced intellectual property protection.

Freedom of Information

It’s a core component of journalism in a democracy: making sure the public gets the information that it has a right to know. AP is committed to this principle, and as part of our efforts, we have been a leading and aggressive advocate of transparency and accountability in government.
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Intellectual Property

AP is committed to providing comprehensive, original, authoritative news from around the world. When a user licenses content from AP, it obtains permission to use that content in a specific way. Thousands of organizations across the world license AP content for legitimate use in their businesses, understanding the value inherent in this content and the investment that went into its production.
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The market for video news is changing and consumer demand for video news on all platforms has never been stronger. As the world’s leading video news agency AP is committed to helping its customers understand and deal with the changes in consumer demand for news.
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