The Montana AP Staff

Bureau Chief Jim Clarke is in charge of AP news operations in Montana, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. He is responsible for providing our AP members with a quality and comprehensive news report, and for providing news about each state to the rest of the country and the world. He is the main contact point for AP members in these states on all matters.

He is assisted by Administrative Assistant Lisa Holshue.

Acting News Editor Linda Ashton is the line supervisor of the Montana news report. She assigns edits and transmits news stories and supervises the Montana staff, under the general direction of the bureau chief and the AP General Desk in New York. She is the main point of contact for members with questions, requests or complaints about the day-to-day news operation.

Billings Correspondent Matthew Brown covers news in eastern Montana and northern Wyoming.

Matt Gouras covers state government and politics. He has also worked in AP bureaus in North Dakota and Tennessee. Matt has returned to Montana, where he got his start in journalism.

Broadcast editor Len Iwanski supervises Montana's news report for radio and television stations. He is the main point of contact for broadcast members seeking information about the AP's broadcast operations.

Sports editor Amy Beth Hanson supervises sports coverage in Montana and covers major sports events. She is the AP's principal contact for Montana sports editors.

Newswoman Susan Gallagher reports on Montana issues as general assignment reporter and desk editor.


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