German news agency dapd eyes AP French service

March 29, 2012
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PARIS (AP) — The Associated Press has announced a proposal by the German news agency dapdto acquire the AP French service. The terms of the proposed arrangement, which was announced Thursday, were not disclosed.

The proposed deal follows last year's acquisition by the Berlin-based dapd of the French photoagency Sipa Press. Dapd was created in 2009 when the ddp news agency purchased the former German service of the AP and simultaneously licensed AP English text and photos for redistribution in Germany.

The AP said in a news release that it had convened a meeting with representatives of its French employees to discuss the proposal.

Dapd currently provides text and images to nearly 700 customers, including most German newspapers.

The AP French Service has provided domestic and international news to French-language newsoutlets around the world since the end of World War II.

More than half the world's population sees news reported by the AP on any given day. The not-for-profit cooperative, based in New York and owned by its member news organizations, has about 3,700 employees in more than 300 locations worldwide.

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