Michelle Morgante

Position: Chief of Bureau for Minnesota, Dakotas, Nebraska
Location: Minneapolis
Started at AP: 1992
Originally from: Lindsay, Calif.

Michelle Morgante joined the AP as an intern after graduating with a degree in political science from the University of California in Santa Barbara. She grew up in a farming town in the San Joaquin Valley and devoured the newspapers her father brought home from the convenience stores he owned. That passion for news carried into her professional career and at AP Morgante has had eight different assignments in eight different locations, both in the news and business departments. After stints in Detroit and Denver, she left AP for two years to move to Mexico to improve her Spanish. When Morgante returned to the U.S., she rejoined AP in Portland, Ore., and has also worked in New York, Mexico, San Diego, Miami—and today in Minneapolis.

What was it like being an intern at AP?

I started as a summer intern in 1991 at the Detroit bureau doing general news reporting. AP did a great job of exposing me to different departments, including broadcast and sports. I got a holistic view of what the company does and felt that AP really invested in me. Then I went back to school, finished up and was offered a job by AP in Denver as a general assignment reporter.

What is your job at AP?

I am the link between our members or customers and the newsroom. I make sure that AP’s services meet their needs. I love working with colleges, maybe because I joined as an intern: I like to connect with them and demonstrate how AP services can be a powerful tool in classrooms. I also handle administrative tasks, such as making sure contracts are in order, and promote AP through marketing campaigns.

What projects do you find exciting at AP?

I’m really excited about being involved in the shift to the digital space and finding innovative uses for our content. I also enjoy my involvement with Spanish-language publications, especially because of my Mexican roots.

What has been a highlight for you here?

Journalists by nature are curious so I’m so thankful that I was able to join a company that allowed me to grow in different ways. I was given so many opportunities and have had different roles here, both in the news department and on the business side. I've been fascinated to learn how the industry works as a business, and how the news and business sides need to understand each other.

I feel very lucky that as a Latina woman I have been able to join a company that I feel understands the importance of thinking globally. People come from all corners at AP and it’s a wonderful mix of cultures and experiences. There's great value in that.

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