Ricardo Zuniga

Position: Spanish Editor, Latin America desk
Location: New York
Startedat AP: 1998
Originally from: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Ricardo Zuniga started his career at the AP when he was still in college. After responding to a job posting a friend showed him, he got a job as the night reporter in San Juan, Puerto Rico. When he finished college, he was offered a job covering the local legislature. He was promoted in 2003 to the position of Caribbean Sports Editor and again in 2005 when he moved to Mexico City to become the Sports Editor for Latin America. 

In his current role, Zuniga is responsible for coordinating coverage of Spanish-language sports content from all over the world. He also edits all of the Spanish-language copy for sporting events in Central and Southern America. Ricardo's time with the AP has taken him to sporting events throughout the world including Greece, England, Germany, China, Japan, Egypt, South Africa, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, the Dominican Republic and the United States. He has been to three Olympic Games and two World Cups so far during his career with the AP. 

What is your office like?

The Latin America desk in Mexico City is in a cool location. We’re on Mexico City’s main boulevard, Paseo de la Reforma, in a prime location. The desk has people working on copy in English and Spanish, a translation desk, staff working in all formats, including our photo and television operation for the region, and our Mexico bureau. About 80 people work in our office in total. 

What is your favorite event you've covered?

The under-20 World Cup in the Netherlands in 2005. I was there for almost a month, traveling around the country by car and staying in rural towns with beautiful scenery. It was a more intimate event so I had great access to the players. I got to meet Lionel Messi and other players before they became the superstars they are now. I got to see the future of soccer. 

What’s the best part of working at the AP?

The AP is a great place to work because it’s a melting pot of bright people from all over the world. In our Mexico City office alone, we have ten nationalities and people of all different backgrounds and cultures. It helps you grow as a person to work with such a diverse group. 

On top of that, the AP’s focus on work in all formats has improved the way I think as a journalist. Working with people from different formats has helped me to get the big picture and visualize stories from all angles.

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