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"If you like your news comprehensive, you’ll want AP Mobile." – The New York Times

AP’s fast, accurate and trusted news content is available on your smartphone and tablet device.  AP Mobile is the first choice for global and local news on the go. Get breaking U.S. and international news from the world’s trusted news source, plus local stories from 1,000+ regional news sources. Choose to see the content that interests you most, whether it’s the latest sports scores, entertainment highlights, global news or the latest from your hometown. Access the best of the AP’s award-winning photography, watch videos and check out rich multimedia news coverage.

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  • My AP: Customize your news feed to see the categories that mean the most to you.
  • New look: Navigate the completely redesigned layout with improved access to more compelling AP content and new features like the team scoring tool and stock tracker.
  • Local news: Stay in the know with local coverage from 1,000+ local news sources.
  • Big stories: AP Mobile delivers all the content surrounding a big news event in one place under the new AP Pulse section. 


  • Feb. 24-27, 2014: Mobile World Congress, Barcelona
  • March 7-16, 2014: SXSW, Austin Texas
  • April 5-10, 2014: NAB, Las Vegas, Nevada

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What is AP Mobile?

AP Mobile is the definitive news solution designed specifically for mobile devices. Follow the latest headlines with breaking news alerts pushed directly to your device as soon as the stories break. Customize your news categories; share and post stories; and visualize the news with AP’s award-winning photos and videos. Bringing you international, national and local news from more than 1,000+  local news sources, AP remains your most trusted news source.

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Windows Phone

What languages does AP Mobile support?

AP Mobile provides news in Spanish and English.

How do I refresh the news to get the most recent content?

AP Mobile will update automatically when you launch the application and when you switch categories. Users can also update a category manually via the refresh button.

Can I change the font size?

For all devices, users can change the font size under Settings.

How do I change the weather units?

For all devices, users can set the weather units to Celsius or Fahrenheit under the Weather option under Settings.

I don't see my local paper, why?

Newspapers and broadcasters have to opt into AP Mobile. If you do not see your local newspaper or broadcaster, please reach out to them and let them know you would like to see them on AP Mobile.

How do I get news from another country?

Users can change the region by selecting the Editions/Regions option under Settings. Users have the option of getting news for the following regions:

a. US English

b. Noticias en Español

c. International

I don't have an option for local, why?

Local news is only available for the following regions/editions: US English, US Spanish and Canada English.

My local news is not updating, how do I fix this?

Please email the AP at apmobile@ap.org with the publication name and the ZIP code you are using. We will work to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Can I customize the types of notifications that I get?

Currently users do not have the ability to customize the category of alerts or the timing of the alerts. We hope to include this ability in the near future.

Why can’t I open the story from the push notification?

The AP is dedicated to delivering breaking news to its users as it happens. This sometimes requires us to send push notification alerts even before the story is ready.

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