“Why It Matters”: New series focuses on election issues

Sept. 11, 2012
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The following advisory, sent on the Associated Press wire, announces a new series of election year stories focused on issues that matter to voters. An introduction to the “Why It Matters” series also was distributed yesterday, along with the first story, on the economyToday’s installment concerns Afghanistan.

Beginning today, The Associated Press introduces a new series of stories for the presidential election season that examines important issues facing the nation. In the series, AP writers summarize the positions of the presidential candidates and explain how those issues matter in the lives of readers.

From abortion, Afghanistan and campaign finance to taxes, technology and terrorism, President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney have drawn contrasts and telegraphed divergent ways to take the country. Their decisions will matter in everyday lives and not always in obvious ways.

U.S. diplomatic strategy on Chinese currency values may seem like a distant concern, for example, but it plays directly into the survival of jobs and the cost of cherished consumer goods at home. Federal policy on education is felt in the classroom every day, by teacher and pupil. Every family will be affected by changes coming in health care. But the choice Election Day will determine what many of those changes will be.

One story will be released for publication each weekday over the coming five weeks or more. Each will run a maximum 600 words. A 300-word overview will be released along with the story and repeated each day. It can be used either to tie the series together as a package or to introduce a story to stand on its own. Later this week, an interactive also will be made available to customers compiling 150-word versions of the various pieces into a dynamic presentation, and a compilation of those abridged versions will move each Friday.

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