For U.S. radio:

AP offers a variety of products for U.S. radio customers, including text, images, audio, graphics and video.

Services are available every day and include breaking news and special event coverage, in addition to state, regional, national, international, business, sports and entertainment news stories. AP can even update your site with the latest news and suggest additional ways to cover a story.


The AP Radio Network (APRN) provides audio news and information you need in a flexible, easy-to-use format that allows you to customize your broadcasts to your listeners' interests. APRN delivers hundreds of audio cuts every day, covering the latest in news, sports, business and entertainment. In addition, APRN offers three Special Events Channels for live, long-form coverage of press conferences, special events and major breaking news. 

AP PrimeCuts gives you instant online access to all of AP’s soundbites from the past 72 hours, including up-to-the-minute sound. PrimeCuts provides hundreds of cuts each day, including actualities, correspondent reports, wraps and natural sound gathered by radio professionals, edited to radio’s production values and backed by AP's newsgathering resources. The fast, user-friendly search function makes it easy to find what you need. You can also skip searching and use AP’s Top Picks, the day’s most relevant audio clips.   

AP SoundBank is an Internet-delivered archive of entertainment and lifestyle, news, sports and business audio. The ultimate production tool, SoundBank delivers sound from as recent as 72 hours ago.  You can also search for historical audio from AP's vast audio library.  SoundBank includes over one million actualities, correspondent reports, reporter Q&A and natural sound. It is easily searchable and includes AP SoundDesk software, which provides digital audio storage, editing and playback capability.


The AP Country Music News Widget is the industry’s first real-time, fully-hosted web service “widget” focused exclusively on country music news and information. The Country Music Widget provides stories, images and video covering the latest in country entertainment news from album reviews to award winners. The Country Music Widget is branded for your station and website, and local advertisers can be inserted directly into the widget. 

Hosted Custom News is AP's continually updated, turnkey multimedia news service that replicates the design, structure and branding of your website.  Custom News lets you present AP’s rich text, photo, graphic, audio, video and interactive news and still retain the look and feel of your own website. Deliver world-class news and information website, no matter what the size of your staff—and the content integration is seamless.

Generate Revenue and Traffic with AP Mobile
AP Mobile is a free service for members and is designed to complement any program you already have. AP Mobile gives you access to a broad audience of mobile and tablet users, and dynamic new features allow you to curate your content, display multiple photos, promote your own brand and sell local ads.

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AP Images is the world’s largest collection of historical and contemporary photos. AP Images provides instant access to AP's iconic photos and adds new content every minute of every day from every corner of the world, making it an essential source of photos and graphics for your station’s website.


AP NewsPower is a premiere text news service that provides TV and radio stations with ready-to-air copy that makes it simple to deliver breaking news, along with coverage of politics, business, entertainment, sports and weather. NewsPower includes up-to-the-minute national and international stories. For top stories, links are included to provide access to AP multimedia content (if licensed), and planning guides like coverage rundowns, U.S. state daybooks (as available) and news advisories help you organize your broadcast. NewsPower is available 24 hours a day, with day-parted delivery options.

AP NewsPower Max is also available, providing the full broadcast wire, print wire stories, a daily event planner and the Washington Daybook.

For more information on everything AP Radio in the U.S. has to offer, contact your local AP sales executive.

For international radio:


GraphicsBank offers an extraordinary variety of visuals for news purposes, including head shots, maps, and logo images – from completed images to individual elements.

GraphicsBank ensures you will find what you need to tell the story on any subject. Use partial elements as a toolkit for creating your own graphics, or drop finished versions directly into your website.


The unrivaled heritage of AP's groundbreaking photography is celebrated by winning 30 Pulitzer Prizes over the past 90 years. The mission of AP is to meet the needs of today's global customer by offering access to news, entertainment, sports, and lifestyle photographs either via it online platform, or via Photostream, a comprehensive photo service providing daily photos of world news events.


AP's text services provide fast and comprehensive coverage of all the top breaking national and international news stories. No one can match the AP for the breadth and speed of its newsgathering.

With regional news desks operating round the clock the stories you need for your news are filed and updated by dedicated editorial teams. AP's newsgathering is fully integrated across all media and platforms, which guarantees extensive in-depth coverage.  


Are you looking for easy access to video for your website or mobile?

We can offer premium video (breaking news, entertainment, lifestyle, and sport) in multiple formats. 

  • Immediate access to the latest video content
  • Multiple formats to all platforms: portals, mobile, websites
  • User-friendly technology. Formats adapted to suit your technology requirements
  • Automated encoding and clip delivery system: 24 hours a day, seven days a week

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Essential News Production System (ENPS)

ENPS is the world's most popular broadcast news production system.

Used by journalists in more than 800 newsrooms in more than 60 countries, ENPS fits the needs of demanding news environments by including powerful, easy-to-use features to give journalists the tools to focus on their craft and let the technology run in the background.

For newsrooms of all sizes, ENPS is the ideal solution, featuring scalable, dependable architecture that can be tightly integrated with third party products.

Schedule a time to see how ENPS can work for you by booking a live demonstration, or contacting your local ENPS sales person or vendor. 


AP Stylebook

The journalist’s ‘bible’, an essential handbook for all writers, editors, students and public relations specialists.

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