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May 23, 2012
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NEW YORK -- The Associated Press today announced the launch of AP Metadata Services, a new cloud-based service to help publishers automatically add rich metadata to their content, enabling them to connect their customers with more relevant news and information.
The service has two components: the AP News Taxonomy, comprising a set of standardized vocabularies built specifically for news publishers, and the AP Tagging Service, which analyzes content and automatically applies values from the AP News Taxonomy. Together, they provide unparalleled depth and breadth of metadata coverage, identifying the topics, people, places and organizations of interest to readers.
Initially created to help AP compete in the digital marketplace, the service has evolved into a unique product offering based on Semantic Web standards. It combines the acumen of human intelligence with automation, allowing the service to process large volumes of content quickly and efficiently. AP is now making this battle-tested software-as-a-service available to other publishers, allowing them to leverage AP’s expertise and experience. 
“AP Metadata Services offers publishers tools to get customers the right content at the right time,” said Amy Sweigert, AP vice president of information management. “It provides a standard news taxonomy that can enable new business opportunities across the industry, and it allows publishers to benefit from the ongoing investment AP is making in the service.”
Standard metadata opens up new possibilities for content discovery and simplifies editorial workflows. For example, AP successfully leveraged the service for the pilot of its NCAA Men’s Basketball microsite this year to automatically sort thousands of stories and photos by team and conference, freeing up editorial resources to focus on the most important, highly trafficked parts of the site.
Powered by the same systems that support AP’s global news operation, the service includes ongoing and frequent updates to tagging rules, entities, concepts and semantic relationships. It currently covers more than 4,200 subjects ranging from the arts and sports to business and politics, with 2,100 geographic locations, 1,200 organizations, 90,000 people and more than 40,000 companies.
AP Metadata Services is an example of AP’s commitment to solution-oriented innovation for its members and customers. Sweigert will be detailing the service at the Semantic Technology & Business Conference in San Francisco on June 6, at 12:00 p.m. in Yosemite A: http://bit.ly/J8h1BG.
Learn more about AP Metadata Services: http://developer.ap.org/page/AP_Metadata_Services.
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