Jersey Shore news is ‘Shore Thing’ for NJ and Pa. papers

June 5, 2012
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Martin Silva, left, a senior inspector with the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, asks the operator of a game on the Seaside Heights, N.J. boardwalk to demonstrate the operation of her spinning wheel game Thursday, May 31, 2012. Inspectors were checking to see if games were rigged against customers. The wheel game checked out fine. (AP Photo/Wayne Parry)
In this June 5 memo to the Associated Press staff, Managing Editor for State News, Financial News and Global Training Kristin Gazlay recounted how an AP reporter and news editor in New Jersey have devised a sure way to cover the Jersey Shore for AP member newspapers in the Garden State and Pennsylvania:

AP members and customers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania have a love affair with the Jersey Shore and hunger for news, features and any tidbits about the place where they and their readers spend the summer months. But those news outlets have had to cut back on their own coverage of the area, so Wayne Parry and New Jersey News Editor Larry Rosenthal came up with a plan to fill the void. 

As spring began to lure people besides Snooki “down the shore,” Parry began producing an ongoing fixture called “Shore Things,” which has covered such beachy topics as efforts to make sure games on the boardwalk are not rigged and a camera that offers a view of a nesting osprey family. 

Customers ate it up. The seven installments Parry has produced since late April – accompanied by photos he shot -- have grabbed front pages, the fronts of local and business sections, and the lead position on newspaper and broadcast websites in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The Asbury Park Press even used Parry’s takeout on a fight over bar hours at one beach, even though the paper was covering the controversy itself.

Read a sampling of Parry’s columns: 

For innovative thinking that filled a void with relevant content that our customers eagerly wanted, Parry wins this week’s Best of the States $300 prize.

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