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May 7, 2012
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Associated Press President and CEO Tom Curley on ABC News May 5, 2012.
Beijing Bureau Chief Charles Hutzler on the PBS "NewsHour" May 3, 2012.
NEW YORK -- AP’s authoritative journalism has been on display recently with definitive coverage of the blind Chinese activist at the center of a diplomatic dispute and President Barack Obama’s surprise visit to Afghanistan.

In addition, AP generated headlines for offering an apology to a World War II reporter fired 67 years ago for breaking a military embargo to report one of the greatest scoops in history. In case you missed them, here’s a roundup of notable media interviews on these and other stories by AP reporters and editors: 

•    A story about AP’s CEO Tom Curley exonerating a reporter who was fired for breaking a military embargo at the end of World War II captured a great deal of attention in the press and social media. The correspondent was “hailed as a hero,” and then fired by AP management. On May 6, Curley discussed the controversy and recent apology with the BBC World Service’s morning show, “The World Today: ABC’s “World News” also featured the story May 5: Julia Kennedy Cochran, who edited her father's posthumous memoir discussed the AP's apology on KTVZ in Oregon: Curley will address the issue in a book talk May 9 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.:

•    Charles Hutzler, head of the Beijing bureau, spoke to the PBS “NewsHour” May 3 about developments in the case of Chen Guangcheng. AP was way ahead on breaking news developments and was sought out for the expertise only AP could provide.

•    Kabul Bureau Chief Patrick Quinn also appeared on the PBS “NewsHour.” He discussed the significance of Obama’s surprise trip to Afghanistan on May 1, the anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s death.

•    Quinn also phoned-in to C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” May 2 to discuss the trip and give context on the agreement Obama made on troop withdrawal from Afghanistan:

•    AP’s Michael Graczyk was interviewed by CBC Radio’s “The Current” in Canada about his experience covering executions in Texas over the past 28 years:

•    San Diego-based reporter Julie Watson spoke to KPCC, the NPR affiliate in southern California, about her reporting on a college student who was forgotten in a DEA holding cell for four days after a drug bust:

•    And TIME magazine’s LightBox Tumblr feed highlighted AP’s new photo exhibit “The American President,” which is on view at Federal Hall National Memorial through the end of the year:

To schedule an interview with an AP journalist, please send a media request to the AP Media Relations team:

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