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Feb. 7, 2012
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AP President and CEO Tom Curley explains the evolution of our visual identity.

Our brand reinforces what you can expect when you encounter AP news, people or products. Download Intro


 Download our Guidelines for Partners

These files serve as a guideline for the accompanying brandmark artwork and the differences in color, size and format versions, and defines file nomenclature.

EPS files are for applications that require high-resolution artwork for reproduction. These files can be scaled (enlarged or reduced) without any loss in quality.

These files can be opened with vector-based applications such as Adobe Illustrator. PNG files are suitable for digital and video use (i.e., PowerPoint presentations or Web).

Pre-scaled logo PNG files and icons were optimized for their current size and are not intended to be enlarged.

Download the AP logo suite

For help or questions in using the brand guidelines, contact:

Corporate Communications



Access new logo assets and usage guidelines.

Download usage guidelines
AP’s new visual identity system was developed to visually capture our brand promise – a guarantee of accuracy, trust, service, resourcefulness and courage on the part of our journalists and all AP staff in gathering, delivering and supporting the news. And it allows us to leverage all the great work we do by uniting under a comprehensive look and feel.


Consistently applied, the system plays a strong role in reinforcing the strength of our relationship with all who value accurate and independent news. As a result, it is essential that the new logos and guidelines are followed closely and with care.

Adhering to them assures that our members and customers can leverage the AP brand in the most powerful way possible to prosper in the evolving digital environment.

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