AP offers licensing rights to high-quality original music via Audiosocket

July 17, 2012
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The Associated Press and Audiosocket today announced that AP customers will now have access to Audiosocket’s curated collection of premium, culturally relevant music through AP Images. The collaboration between AP Images and Audiosocket will give producers and editors broader access to a collection of independent music that is pre-cleared for use in various types of recorded media.

AP Images, which is AP’s photo licensing unit offering the broadest and deepest collection of images for all editorial and creative needs, will provide its customers a designated AP page on Audiosocket’s website to access and download music. Utilizing seamless, "plug-and-play" technology from Audiosocket’s MaaS™ (Music as a Service) platform, producers will be able to find and license high-quality, curated music for their work.  In addition, the service will also provide artists a platform to put their music in front of marketers and media producers who may ultimately expose them to a global audience.

"There is wide demand in online publishing for music to accompany photos and videos and many customers don’t know where to find, choose and license music easily," said Fernando Ferre, Vice President / AP Images. "By bringing a simple-to-use music licensing offering to our customers, combined with our extensive catalog of editorial, creative, microstock photos and video, we are able to extend our value as a one-stop shop for all of our customers’ needs with our relationship with Audiosocket."

"Audiosocket provides a vehicle for exceptional indie artists in this digital, do-it-yourself day, to find new ways to monetize their work," said Jennifer Miller, COO of Audiosocket. "Through MaaS™, we facilitate deals between top indie artists and media companies looking for music that would enhance and inspire their work. Music can be used as a driving force in media to elicit an emotional response and connection. Bands are catering to this need more as they work to launch their careers through media. The AP, with its focus on delivering premium content, is a great fit for this service."

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About Audiosocket
Audiosocket is a music licensing and technology company that facilitates deals between independent artists and digital/mobile and traditional media companies. The company developed an innovative music search and licensing technology called MaaS™ (Music as a Service). Fundamentally designed for integration into video and photo sharing platforms, virtual worlds, online games and social networks, MaaS™ is changing the way music is licensed in digital media. Days worth of content is being created every hour and MaaS™ provides the world the tools needed to legally source and license music for any creative project.  Audiosocket was founded in 2007 and has dual headquarters in Seattle, WA and New Orleans, LA. For more information, please visit www.audiosocket.com.

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