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According to a 2011 poll by Harris Interactive, fans voted pro football America’s favorite sport for the ninth consecutive year. An average of 17.9 million fans tuned in to every regular season game last year - the highest number since 1989 - and fan interest shows no signs of slowing for the 2012-2013 season.

The AP PRO32: Head to Head Digital News Experience is a ready-to-publish Web content package designed to help you – and your advertisers - reach these passionate fans.

How does the Pro32: Head to Head Digital  News Experience work?

  • AP editors will curate Web-exclusive content from the best of AP’s articles, photos and videos into attractively designed pages and widgets that you can embed on your site.

  • Each package can be customized with your branding and easily integrated with your site. You can upload your own logo, build your own navigation bar and add analytics code to measure performance. Implementation documentation and customer support are included.

  • Once the site is live, you’ll be able to earn revenue in two different ways: (1) sell your own advertising inventory into the site and keep all of the revenue from the ads you sell, or; (2) participate in a revenue split with advertising sold by the AP. 

What content is included?

The AP PRO32 Poll

  • AP PRO32 Poll page – the new AP power ranking of pro football teams, as voted by a 12-member panel

  • Rankings will be updated weekly and previous weeks will be archived for viewing

  • “By Poll Voter” feature – see how each poll voter casts his vote for the season

AP PRO32 Matchup and Team pages

  • The 3-4 most exciting matchups of the week will be picked by AP editors and highlighted on the homepage, with all featured matchups on the AP Pro 32 matchup page

  • Team pages will aggregate news and information for each team

AP Text, Photos and Video

  • Game previews, recaps, breaking news

  • Photo galleries for all games covered by the AP plus web-exclusive photo galleries, including MVP Frontrunners, Crazy Fans and Top 10 Tackles

  • Plus, videos from the AP YouTube channel and AP tweets

Embeddable widgets for your own web properties

  • A “Latest News” list and a “Top 10” poll that links from the widget to your site

Local Area Customization

  • You can provide an RSS feed of your own content to include on the homepage. Links go back to the stories on your website

  • You can also select up to five teams to feature in a “Find Your Teams” area on the homepage. From there, visitors can navigate to team pages with game recaps, photo galleries and more

  • Plus, you can filter AP news for another homepage area by team, player, coach and other choices

Talk to us

For more information about AP PRO32: Head to Head Digital News Experience, contact your AP representative or bureau chief

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