Add value to your news content with the Associated Press's industry-leading metadata—accurate, comprehensive, richly detailed data, designed specifically for use by news publishers.

AP Metadata Services is a new set of APIs that gives you direct access to the same metadata system that supports AP’s award-winning, global news operation. There are two components:

AP News Taxonomy

The AP News Taxonomy is a comprehensive classification system, including standardized subjects, people, organizations, geographic locations and more, all designed with news content in mind. Frequent updates ensure timeliness, and a rich network of semantic relationships between concepts enables creative solutions for content linking, search and discovery.

AP Tagging Service

The AP Tagging Service receives your news content and automatically enriches it with all the relevant metadata tags from the News Taxonomy. This smart service goes well beyond mere text extraction; it uses human-created semantic rules to understand your content and identify the most pertinent concepts and topics.

Good metadata offers a variety of benefits to news publishers, opening up new possibilities for connecting with readers and managing content. For example:

  • Deliver targeted, relevant news products based on particular topics.
  • Create engaging search and discovery experiences for your readers.
  • Support contextual advertising.
  • Use detailed content analytics to inform editorial coverage and planning.

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