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April 30, 2012
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AP reporter Michael Biesecker appears on the "PBS NewsHour" April 23.
NEW YORK -- The trial of former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards has been generating news coverage across the country. The Associated Press was inside the courtroom and in a position to offer context on the case. In case you missed them, here’s a roundup of notable media interviews on the Edwards proceedings and other stories by AP reporters and editors: 

•    North Carolina-based reporter Michael Biesecker explained in an interview with the “PBS NewsHour” April 23 that the case “will be precedent-setting for campaign-finance law.”  Biesecker also spoke to ABC Radio in Australia.
•    Washington-based reporter Jack Gillum spoke to New Hampshire Public Radio about how the presidential selection process has changed with the advent of Super PACS and digital campaigning:

•    The Street profiled Washington-based reporter Stephen Ohlemacher, “the man behind the 2012 delegate count.”

•    AP photographers won three awards from the Overseas Press Club, and garnered media attention from TIME magazine’s LightBox blog, and Photo District News:

•    Digiday interviewed Social Media Editor Eric Carvin about how AP uses social media to aid its journalism. “When something big happens, even though we won’t break news on Twitter, you’ll probably hear it from an AP tweet first because we move quickly,” Carvin said.

•    Washington, D.C.-based reporter Alicia Caldwell spoke to “This Morning,” which airs on Nationwide 90FM in Kingston, Jamaica, giving an update about the Secret Service scandal.

•    Stockholm bureau chief Karl Ritter was interviewed on CTV News (Canada) about the trial of Anders Breivik in Norway:

•    And photographer Charles Dharapak was profiled by the Washington Square News at his alma mater New York University: Dharapak will be speaking May 12 at Federal Hall at AP’s new photo exhibit, “The American President”:
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