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College football is quickly becoming the nation’s second-most popular sport, so be ready with the content you need.

The AP College Football Digital News Experience is a ready-to-publish Web content package designed to help you reach passionate college football fans. Anchored by the AP Top 25 poll, the experience also has customizable sections where you can highlight your teams and add links to your own stories, driving more traffic for you. There are photo galleries, game recaps and deep detail on the poll voters. To view a demo, visit

How does the College Football Digital News Experience work?

  • AP editors curate Web-exclusive content from the best of AP text, photos and video into attractively designed pages and widgets you can embed on your site.

  • Each package can be customized with your branding and easily integrated with your site. You can upload your own logo, build your own navigation bar and add analytics code to measure performance. Documentation and 24/7 customer support are included.

What content is included?

AP Top 25 poll

  • AP Top 25 poll page — the current week’s poll results, as well as previous weeks’.

  • "By Poll Voter" feature — see how each poll voter casts his or her vote for the season.

AP text, photos and video

  • Game recaps, game previews, features and breaking news.

  • Photo galleries for all games covered by AP plus exclusive "themed" photo galleries, including Heisman Watch, Crazy Fans and Top 10 Tackles.

Conference and team pages

  • Individual pages that aggregate news and information for all Division I teams.

Embeddable widgets for your existing Web properties

  • Latest news headlines and photos.

  • A "Top 10" poll.

  • Photo gallery.

Local-area customization

  • Provide an RSS feed of your own content to include on the home page.

  • Filter AP news by local team, player, coach and other choices to display in an area on the home page.

  • Plus, select up to five teams to feature on a "Find Your Teams" area on the home page to point visitors to team pages with game recaps, photo galleries and more.

Talk to us

For more information about how AP College Football Digital News Experience can help build traffic and revenue for your website, contact your AP representative or bureau chief.

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