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AP provides breaking news and information directly to your audiences via your internal and external websites, desktops, wireless services and other interactive applications. Our extensive suite of services spans more than 30 categories of industry-targeted content to fit your digital needs.

AP’s strategic partnerships with top information and technology providers complement New Media Sales services with additional formats and services such as earnings transcripts, company press releases, and stock quotes and charts.


AP Interactives are unique, interactive story packages told through multimedia elements that combine photos, graphics and audio on critical breaking news topics and issues.

Video and Audio 

With AP video and audio, you have access to a variety of top U.S. and international story packages and specific categories when you need them, including entertainment, business, politics, lifestyles, tech and sports. Packages are available in online or wireless formats via FTP.   


AP Wireless provides streamlined news, while giving you the freedom to add your own commercial messages on wireless platforms. Concise AP Wireless headlines deliver essential news to mobile phone, pager, PDA and other wireless device displays, with links to full stories and photos. AP Wireless headlines are also available in Spanish. 

Photos and Graphics 

With 29 Pulitzer Prizes for photos—more than any other news organization—AP has a reputation for outstanding news photography. Enrich your news content and bring your stories to life with AP’s captivating photos and graphics.

Customizable photo and graphics packages easily enhance your website content with daily and weekly photo galleries and interactive presentations created using the most in-depth archive of historical news images available and thousands of news and stock graphics.

AP offers photo and graphics packages in Web-ready formats with text captions and production information, and can be delivered via Internet, satellite and leased line.  

General News 

AP General News consists of a variety of news packages with a wide array top U.S. news. AP’s State Report and Daybooks provide targeted, breaking news from Washington, D.C., and your choice of 50 states giving you coverage where and when you need it. 

Alerts and Topic Reports 

AP Alerts deliver targeted national and international news feeds, plus premium state news and third-party partner content, including press releases and transcripts for your corporate and government intranets and desktops. With AP Topic Reports, you can easily find specialized headlines and story packages for specific industries and sectors. 

Business/Financial News

AP Business/Financial provides complete coverage of major international corporations and companies trading on U.S. exchanges. Additionally, you and your customers can customize an array of financial tools, including stock watch lists and portfolio managers. 

Elections Services

AP is the only news source that covers election news and results for all 50 U.S. state and national races. AP Election Services provide year-round political coverage of primaries, candidates, campaigns, and offer reliable and accurate election results. Learn more about our Elections Services.


Give your customers access to the most up-to-date entertainment headlines, stories, photos, audio clips and video with AP Entertainment reporting. 


AP Travel offers expanded coverage of destinations and travel trends. 


With AP Lifestyles, you can give your readers access to the topics they want to read about most often—fashion, food, life and health. 


AP Sports provides comprehensive coverage for major sports and the latest in sporting news, headlines and scores while they happen.


AP Video gives you access to white label news and entertainment video packages, plus international news, entertainment and sports video content to round out your online and wireless publications. 

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GraphicsBank offers an extraordinary variety of visuals for news purposes, including head shots, maps, and logo images - from completed images to individual elements.

GraphicsBank ensures you will find what you need to tell the story on any subject. Use partial elements as a toolkit for creating your own graphics, or drop finished versions directly into your website. 


The unrivaled heritage of AP's groundbreaking photography is celebrated by winning 30 Pulitzer Prizes over the past 90 years. The mission of AP is to meet the needs of today's global customer by offering access to news, entertainment, sports and lifestyle photographs either via it online platform, or via Photostream, a comprehensive photo service providing daily photos of world news events.


AP's text services provide fast and comprehensive coverage of all the top breaking national and international news stories. No one can match the AP for the breadth and speed of its newsgathering.

With regional news desks operating round the clock the stories you need for your news are filed and updated by dedicated editorial teams. AP's newsgathering is fully integrated across all media and platforms, which guarantees extensive in-depth coverage.   


If you are looking for video for your portal, website or mobile application, AP can offer breaking news, entertainment, lifestyle, and sports video in multiple formats. 

  • Immediate access to the latest video content.
  • Multiple formats to all platforms: portals, mobile, websites.
  • User-friendly technology. Formats adapted to suit your technology requirements. 
  • Automated encoding and clip delivery system: 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Essential News Production System (ENPS)

ENPS is the world's most popular broadcast news production system.

Used by journalists in more than 800 newsrooms in more than 60 countries, ENPS fits the needs of demanding news environments by including powerful, easy-to-use features to give journalists the tools to focus on their craft and let the technology run in the background.

ENPS is the ideal solution—bringing web, mobile and broadcast production together, as well as a scalable, dependable architecture that can be tightly integrated with third party products.

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AP Stylebook 

The journalist’s ‘bible’, an essential handbook for all writers, editors, students and public relations specialists.

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