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Breaking News

AP understands the business of news video. Our mission is to meet your deadline first. When we are on the scene of breaking news, you are there too. We deliver breaking news video and coverage of every story making the headlines worldwide. Fast, factual and geared to meet your news deadlines.

We have highly experienced and dedicated newsgathering teams located in bureaus worldwide covering news events in some of the most influential, relevant and often hostile places on the planet.


Direct is an award-winning premium live video news service supplying breaking news as it happens. It offers incoming live video news from APTN's fixed and mobile links from around the world.

U.S. News

U.S. News provides ready-to-edit, ready-to-use, broadcast quality video for U.S. customers with just a few clicks of your mouse.

AP Video - U.S.

AP Video - U.S. allows you to choose from a variety of top stories from around the world and around your region. Footage is already rights cleared for multimedia use. Just browse the site and download what you want. We have flexible options to meet your newsroom needs.



Horizons comprises the must-see lifestyle and technology stories that reflect the changing world we live in. Compelling and topical video content with a global overview, Horizons reflects on what’s new or changing that will affect our everyday lives in the world of health, crime, leisure or the environment. Horizons video stories can be used as feature items in news and current affairs programs.


Technology is the world's first video news service dedicated to the ever-changing technological world. Technology delivers a mixture of breaking video news and feature coverage on the latest innovations, hi-tech consumer goods, home and business computing, and web developments.


Entertainment Daily News

AP is the leading supplier of entertainment video news footage.

Entertainment Daily News is dedicated to covering the latest breaking entertainment video news and diary events, including celebrity, fashion, awards shows, movies, festivals, music and theater.

Celebrity Extra

Celebrity Extra goes beyond daily entertainment news and events to reveal the personalities behind the world's celebrities. With the focus on in-depth profiles and candid interviews, Celebrity Extra provides compelling, insightful and often exclusive video coverage of the most relevant celebrities in movies, music, television and fashion.



In partnership with IMG Media, SNTV delivers video coverage of the world's leading sports news stories.

For 18 years, SNTV has been the world's most comprehensive provider of fast, relevant and reliable sports video news and highlights, leading the pack in content generation and distribution. No other company has the international resources to provide such wide-ranging footage to all corners of the world.


Entertainment Now
Entertainment Now is a fast-paced, irreverent 30-minute weekly video news review of the latest developments in the entertainment world, including music, film, fashion and celebrity gossip.

Movies Now

For movie-enthusiasts, we produce Movies Now, a fortnightly package of 10, 3-minute, ready-to-air movie-related stories.

Film File

Film File is a weekly 8-minute package of ready to air (up to 5) film reviews (releases/premieres).

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AP Archive is one of the most comprehensive film and video collections in the world—giving you access to an extraordinary range of footage.

AP Archive represents some of the most extensive moving image collections, including British Movietone, ABC News, Press Association, CelebrityFootage, TV-am, WWF and more.

Whether you produce factual programming, feature films, commercials or corporate videos, or just happen to be on the lookout for offbeat footage, AP Archive will have the video you need.

Visit to search an online database of more than 1.7 million videos. For more information about AP Archive, use this form.

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