Q: Why did AP decide it needed a new logo and branding system?

A: The AP “look” has evolved throughout our 166-year history, changing as AP has grown and reflecting important milestones and innovations at AP and in the media industry. The previous AP logo was created 30 years ago, before digital formats like tablets and websites were conceived and when print was the dominant format. As AP transforms itself into a multimedia digital news organization, it became clear that the elements in our previous design system did not translate to the digital realm and were not flexible enough to convey our wide range of products and services. Nor did the system reflect the diversified, modern news organization that AP has become.

Beyond technical and graphic reasons for a new identity system, AP has also been redefining its product portfolio and aligning its business lines under a single “One AP” masterbrand approach that allows us to better represent the full range of news products and services we offer. As this effort has coalesced, it was important to bring all of AP’s assets under one definitive identity system.

Q: Is there a deadline for updating AP branding on our media platforms?

A: We recognize that updating AP branding across a number of areas and platforms may require a phased approach due to time and budget constraints. With this in mind, we are recommending that the old AP logo be replaced as soon as feasible within the next six months. For guidance, AP recommends prioritizing logo replacements by the most visible locations (e.g., consumer-facing websites, social media pages, etc.).

Your AP sales representative will be able to guide you on recommendations for prioritizing updates.

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