U.S. Elections

No recurring news event demands more from The Associated Press than an election. People look to the AP to tally and report the vote that would elect a president, governor or member of Congress. The news industry turns to the AP to provide fast and reliable results.

AP counts national, state, district and some regional and local races, including primaries, runoffs and general elections. AP also provides national trend reports on changes in congressional and legislative composition by party.

Year-round, AP has six general staff employees and about 20 quality control, research and field coordinators, as well as a handful of developers, working on election systems. On a general election night the operation expands to about 5,000 staff and freelance reporters.

You can find AP's election coverage in AP member newspapers and on their websites, on broadcasts, in interactives, on the big portals and on many other news client websites. AP statistics will also drive conversations on social networks.

On this site, learn more about how AP covers the vote count, calls the winners and provides comprehensive reporting and analysis of election results.

AP on Election Night

On election night, more than 5,000 people work for The Associated Press to count the vote of the U.S. electorate.
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Calling the Winners

Dozens of bureau chiefs and other AP executives watch the vote counts carefully until there is sufficient data to call the political races in their areas.
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AP Journalists

Led by veteran journalists in Washington and in key states around the country, the AP’s national politics team leverages AP's global newsgathering resources and boasts an impressive record of exclusive reports, accuracy and accountability journalism.
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